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Hi, I'm Jemma, I'm 15, barrel rider, and this is mostly a marvel blog. Although I do tend to reblog pictures of pretty boys, also I'm a galaxy defender sooo expect McFly to appear as well. More information on what I will likely reblog is on the 'About Me' tab.
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GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY -  Behind The Scenes Sneak Peek x
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Godzilla - Extended Look

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fury’s last words were not to trust anyone… now it’s personal. 

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Song: Pompeii is Radioactive
Artist: Imagine Dragons vs Bastille
Played: 65,620 times.



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I hit 3k followers a while ago and I came around to doing a giveaway (finally). All of these things are either too small for me or I have doubles of them.

here’s what you’ll get:

  • Arctic Monkeys tshirt (size S)
  • Vampire Weekend MVOTC tshirt (size M)
  • Pink Floyd DSOTM tshirt (size M)
  • the Beatles Abbey Road tshirt (size M) 
  • the Rolling Stones cropped tshirt (size S)
  • the Killers tshirt (size S)

and I’ll throw in the

  • stickers
  • bottlecap pins

if you want them


  • you must be following me here yeah I know sucks man but the economy is tough and I promise my blog doesn’t such that much and I will check so din’t be a dick about it
  • reblog and like as much as you want, I will use a random generator to pick the winner (don’t piss the hell out of your followers though bc these things can get really annoying)
  • if you have any questions, feel free to ask
  • I will message the winner and you’ll have 48 hours to respond, after that I’ll have to pick a new winner

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GIVEAWAY ENDS JULY 1ST 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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